Model Authentication for Datasets

Every effort is made to ensure that datasets are obtained from authenticated cell models.

Where a dataset has been published (see specific dataset documentation) we recommend users refer to the original publication for details of the model authentication.

Sanger Generated Datasets:

The cancer cell lines are authenticated by STR & SNP profiling back to established profiles provided by the originating cell banks or those provided by resources such as Cellosaurus (CLASTR).

Newly generated organoid sequencing data available through DepMap has been authenticated back to primary tumour samples obtained from clinical sites using a panel of 95 SNPs assayed using the 96.96 Dynamic Array IFC, Fluidigm.

External Datasets:

During dataset integration names and identifiers have been cross referenced to ensure that the data is attributed to the correct model.

We have also utlised existing data comparing the germline variants (Ghandi et al, Nature 2019) from the Sanger and Broad genomic datasets.