The Dependency Map at Sanger API provides access cell model information and associated datasets.


The API for the cell model passports is a HTTP REST-API that returns information based on the URL of GET requests. It strictly follows the JSONAPI v1.0 standards to allow consistent, predictable and discoverable access to all available resources. Therefore, all responses will be in JSON-format and will carry the 'application/vnd.api+json' Content-Type header.

The base-url for the API is https://api.cellmodelpassports.sanger.ac.uk


The base-url needs to be supplemented with a suffix (path) to the resource. The base url and path together form the endpoint. All API endpoints are listed here.

Please note that the root url ("/") is not a valid endpoint and will thus result in a 404 (Not Found) error.


There are query parameters that can be appended to any of the endpoint URLs to modify the response. These modifiers apply mainly to list endpoints, and allow control of sorting, filtering, pagination, specifying which fields to return and the inclusion of related resources.

All modifiers can be combined in a single query to request exactly the desired data


All data in the Cancer Dependency Map at Sanger is publicly available and individual users are free to use the API for non-commercial use without login or registration. Throttling of requests may be applied to ensure service reliability and fair use.

Third Party Websites or Applications
Administrators of third-party websites that are interested in using the Cancer Dependency Map at Sanger API should contact depmap@sanger.ac.uk. Direct use of the API in third party websites without prior permission is not permitted.

Commercial Use
Commercial use of the Cancer Dependency Map at Sanger API and/or data is not permitted without prior consent. Please contact depmap@sanger.ac.uk to for enquiries.

Educational Use
Use of the Cancer Dependency Map at Sanger API for educational purposes is permitted. Educators interested in using theCancer Dependency Map at Sanger API in their teachings are encouraged to contact depmap@sanger.ac.uk - especially if this could result in a high volume of traffic.