Cell Model Passports

The Cell Model Passports provides manual and programmatic access to a cancer cell model database containing curated patient, sample and model relationship information as well as genomic and functional datasets. Over 1700 cancer cell models have been incorporated covering all models used within the Sanger Cancer Dependency Map.

Large scale genomic datasets exist for the majority of models in the database including somatic nucleotide variant, gene expression, copy number variation and methylation data. Links to raw data are provided and direct downloads of processed genomic data enable and improve accessibility for non-computational, wet-lab scientists.

The Cell Model Passports exploits these genomic and functional datasets to provide users with additional model specific information. Genomic characteristics such as microsatellite stability status, ploidy, mutational burden are reported in addition to top drug sensitivities determined from the GDSC project.

As an evolving platform the Cell Model Passports is designed to incorporate new datasets and models. This will include organoids derived at the Sanger as part of the Human Cancer Model Initiative and datasets such as whole-genome CRISPR-knockout screens generated for the Sanger Cancer Dependency Map.

Publication reference: van der Meer, D; Barthorpe, S; Yang, W; Lightfoot, H; Hall, C; Gilbert, G, Francies, HE; Garnett, MJ Cell Model Passports—a hub for clinical, genetic and functional datasets of preclinical cancer models, Nucleic Acids Research 2019.